The Age Of Gold

The Age Of Gold


The discovery of gold in California in 1848 sparked a frenzy that shook the world. People swarmed to the gold fields from as far as China and Australia. They came by ship and overland, braving Tierra del Fuego and the pestilence of Panama, lured by the promise of riches.

At the heart of The Age of Gold is the story of Captain John Fremont, the flamboyant adventurer who "liberated" California from Mexico, only to find himself accused of mutiny. Fremont met his match in young Jessie Benton, a headstrong, fiercely intelligent Senator's daughter. Together, John and Jessie Fremont would play a fateful role in the drama unfolding on the gold fields as they lurched, like so many others, from financial ruin to astonishing riches.


  • 'A great adventure story, more action-packed than any Western movie... a gripping picture of an extraordinary moment in history. Brands' fascinating account of the California Gold Rush is as epic as his subject'
    Philip Hoare, The Sunday Telegraph

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H W Brands

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