Destination Lapland

Destination Lapland


From the author of the bestselling 500 Mile Walkies, this is the true story of one man and his bike ...

It was a cold, bleak, British summer morning when intrepid Mark set out to travel the seventeen-hundred miles to Lapland on his bicycle. The land of reindeer nomads and the Midnight Sun had him under its spell.

Suitably equipped with a new locknut A and pivot bolt B, a compass, a pair of sunglasses with only one lens and a Norwegian phrasebook, he was soon to discover the joys of Central Milton Keynes, win a marathon he never ran in Brassington, become stranded on the Yorkshire Dales, pick raspberries in Northumbria and finally catch a train from Newcastle - back to London!

His dreams of obtaining a genuine reindeer hatstand were shattered forever!

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Mark Wallington

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