Confessions Of A Justified Sinner

Confessions Of A Justified Sinner


What connects Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? James Hogg. What connects gothic romance with Freud? James Hogg. What connects theology with psychopathology? James Hogg.
A gothic tale of good verses evil, about a pact with Satan and the horrific consequences. It's a chilling tale and cleverly written as the novel deals intelligently with the idea of pre-destination and in parts it treads the same path as the classic tale of Faust selling his soul to the Devil, in other places it shines a light on schizophrenia, a century before it was medically identified.

Prompted by his charismatic companion - who lacks only cloven hooves to give his identity away - our 'hero' is easily tempted into the belief that he can be God's champion by killing the already damned. Conveniently, as one of the elect, his lies, cruelty and murders cannot be held against him, since his salvation is already secured


  • A good book stays with you; it becomes part of you as you perpetually ponder its mysteries whilst it lingers on your mind. This book will always haunt me because I will never have a conclusive answer as to what it is actually about. Hogg has created a story that is bizarre, intriguing and rather mystifying. As a result, it is completely excellent.

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