This Present Emergency

This Present Emergency

Edinburgh, the River Forth, South East Scotland and the Second World War


This is an examination of the part played by Edinburgh and South-East Scotland in World War II. In October 1939 the River Forth was the target of the first air raid on Britain. As well as looking at this battle, this book examines the German military effort against Edinburgh and surrounding communities. As the Forth was a vital port in the war effort, it was heavily garrisoned and fortified. Jeffrey describes plans which were made to counter the threat of invasion. Captain Archibald Ramsay (MP for Peebles and South Midlothian) spent more than four years of the war in Brixton prison, regarded as a pro-fascist. Research reveals that in the years up to 1940, support among influential Scots for Hitler was more widespread than has previously been thought. Documents describe the efforts made by MI5 to ensnare Nazi sympathisers. Edinburgh was also the scene of a secret war, which included the career of Robert Petter, a German spy arrested in Waverley station. The text also covers the strategic deception operations, undertaken to convince the Germans that the allied invasion of Norway was imminent, military training in the area and the social changes brought about by the war.

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Andrew Jeffrey

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