Female Cancers

Female Cancers

A Complementary Approach


To many people, being diagnosed with cancer is tantamount to a death sentence and among women, rates of breast and ovarian cancers are still very much on the increase. Conventional treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy can have horrific side effects, and doctors and specialists are only too happy when patients adopt additional complementary methods of combating the disease.

Female Cancers, the latest title in the popular Well Woman series by Jan de Vries, succinctly addresses the main issues involving the treatment of cancers affecting women today. It advises on the ways that women can decrease the likelihood of contracting the disease and explains what sufferers can do to improve their chances of recovery.

The book focuses on the confusion regarding the link between HRT and cancer, and further investigates the foods widely reported to cause the disease. It reveals how alternative medicine can help, for instance, by building up the patient's immune system to stand up to the attacks of agressive therapies.

Jan de Vries has worked in this field for over 45 years and is a member of several research committees, including the Cancer Control Society. In Female Cancers, he shares his up-to-date knowledge of the new developments of cancer therapy and signposts the complementary help that can be given to assist female cancer patients.

About the author

Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries has written extensively on alternative health issues and is the author of the bestselling alternative medicine series By Appointment Only, Well Woman, Nature's Gift and Jan de Vries Healthcare. He has also published the first two volumes of his memoirs, A Step at a Time and Fifty Years Fighting.
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