Behind Every Great Woman There Is A Fabulous Gay Man

Behind Every Great Woman There Is A Fabulous Gay Man

Dating Advice From A Guy Who Gives It To You Straight



Every girl should have a gay best friend at hand - someone to give the sound advice that sometimes only a male perspective can offer. If you don't have one, then fear not. Meet Dave Singleton - your new gay boyfriend. He has your best interests at heart.

Gay or straight, men are men, so who better to give you a no-holds-barred glimpse into the mysterious world of what men really think? Whilst your female friends may be full of empathy, Singleton knows how the male mind works and has spent decades counselling and consoling his female friends. Now he shares his most unfailing, uncompromising pieces of advice with you.

Behind Every Great Woman... is full of fantastic advice on dating, relating and lifestyle issues, such as how to avoid going out with a loser, ditching those toxic dating habits, where to find the right men, how to avoid tragic home decor or, heaven forbid, turning into your mother. Witty, entertaining and razor-sharp, this book gives it to you straight, with plenty of practical suggestions - plus stories from real women - on how to avoid the pitfalls of the dating game.


  • A gay man who wants women to feel great, look great and find love, Singleton is hilarious and hard-hitting. A little Queer Eye and a little Sex and the City... A quick read with good advice and succinctly coined phrases for every modern dating situation, this book is plain fun
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