an exhilarating, blood-pumping, fast-paced mystery thriller you won’t be able to stop reading!


Fans of Dan Brown, James Becker and Chris Kuzneski will love this breath-taking mystery thriller from international bestselling author Michael White, complete with a special afterword written by the author delving into the 'Facts Behind the Fiction'. It will have you hooked.

'Fantastic novel had me hooked from the first page and kept me hooked to the end' -- ***** Reader review
'Grisly murders, the occult - fantastic!' -- ***** Reader review
'A real roller coaster thriller that kept me entertained throughout!' -- ***** Reader review
'An excellent read!' -- ***** Reader review



Oxford, 2006
: a young woman is found brutally murdered. Her heart has been removed and in its place lies an apparently ancient gold coin. Twenty-four hours later, another woman is found. This time her brain has been removed, and a silver coin lies glittering in the bowl of her skull.

The police are baffled but when police photographer Philip Bainbridge and his estranged lover Laura Niven become involved, they discover that these horrific, ritualistic murders are not confined to the here and now.

A shocking story begins to emerge which intertwines Sir Isaac Newton with a deadly conspiracy which echoes down the years to the present day, as lethal now as it was then.

Before long those closest to Laura are in danger, and she finds herself the one person who can rewrite history; the only person who can stop the killer from striking again...

About the author

Michael White

Michael White has been a professional musician (one half of the Thompson Twins), a science lecturer, newspaper columnist, science editor for GQ magazine and a series consultant for the Discovery Channel's The Science of the Impossible. First published in 1991, he is now the author of 27 books of fiction and non-fiction, including the bestselling Equinox and The Medici Secret. He lives in Perth, Australia with his wife and four children. More information on Michael can be found at www.michaelwhite.com.au.
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