Aguliar returns home after a four-day business trip to discover that his beloved wife has gone mad. Desperate to rescue Agustina from her sudden, devastating insanity, Aguliar delves back into her shadowy past. Other narratives are intertwined with his frantic search for the truth; that of Midas, a flamboyant drug-trafficker and Agustina's former lover, and Agustina's splintered memories of her own troubled childhood. The key to her madness lies buried deep in a Colombian story of money, power and corruption.


  • Delirio is a Colombian story, an expression of everything that fascinates us about Colombia, including what's terrifyingly fascinating. Restrepo has a total mastery over what she writes, an astonishing but absolute mastery. Delirium is one of the finest novels written in recent memory
    José Saramago

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Laura Restrepo

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