The Crime Code

The Crime Code

a tense and thought-provoking thriller that you do not want to miss


A gripping thriller that ventures into dark territory from bestselling author Michael Cordy. Great for fans of Dan Brown and Michael Crichton.

'A storming, action packed thriller, full of big topical ideas and backed up by meticulous research'

'Michael Cordy's techno-thriller is gripping and horribly believable' - MORNING STAR

'Energetic and ambitious' - THE TIMES

'My favourite Cordy thriller so far' -- ***** Reader review
'An excellent, thought-provoking, visceral thriller' -- ***** Reader review



The year is 2008. Violent crime has become a global epidemic, nowhere more so than in the United States. No remedy has been effective. Until now.

Project Conscience promises to be the solution; gene therapy to treat male criminals and cure violent crime, favoured by scientists, politicians and senior law-enforcement. But among their number are those with a more sinister agenda, who would turn the dream of Project Conscience into the nightmare of Crime Zero.

Luke Decker, a criminal psychologist disillusioned with the growing dependence on genetic science, is on the verge of resigning from the FBI when a death-row killer's whispered revelation threatens everything he believes in and catapults him into the heart of the conspiracy.

Crime Zero is a terrifyingly credible thriller based on technological developments that are already with us. At its core is the story of one man's desperate fight for self-determination and free will in a world where such qualities are in danger of imminent extinction . . .


  • 'A stormng, action packed thriller'
    The Mirror

About the author

Michael Cordy

Michael Cordy is the author of six previous novels, including the Sunday Times and international bestseller The Messiah Code (The Miracle Strain). His novels have been translated into several languages and four have been sold to Hollywood. Michael lives in London with his wife and daughter.

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