Change Your Life

Change Your Life

10 steps to get what you want


If you wanted to be a successful chef you would read Gordon Ramsay's autobiography. He tells you how he became the successful cook and businessman he is today. His book provides you with a model of how he did it. Allen Carr's book does the same. It tells how he became a world-renowned therapist, helping millions of people to give up smoking.

Change Your Life is for everyone else. Those who have the best will in the world, but never get round to using it. Those who start something, but don't finish it. Those who fail, and then fail again.

Drawing on John Bird's own life experiences, this book outlines the mistakes he has made and the subsequent lessons he has learned along the way. Change Your Life is about getting lost, feeling self-pity, feeling a failure, disliking the world and oneself; and then climbing out of it.

John Bird will teach you how to be a success.


  • his no nonsense approach to advice is a refreshing, genuine addition to the self-help game...his advice is down to earth and tangible
    Brand New You magazine

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