Snow Blonde

Snow Blonde


Lilli Sandstrom is an archaeologist in her mid-thirties; cool blond fisherman Arvak Berg is her good-looking lover. When their tempestuous relationship becomes too hot to handle Lilli retreats to the northern forests of her childhood. There, in the beauty of the wilderness, she is seduced by a fellow archaeologist, woodcutter Henrik and the glacial but bewitching Malin. However Arvak is constantly in her sexual thoughts and when she comes across some ancient rune carvings, she discovers evidence of an old, familiar story that may teach her how to handle the moody but hunky Arvak.

About the author

Astrid Fox

Astrid Fox is the pseudonym of a writer and artist living in London. She has a master's degree in Swedish and Scandinavian history.

She is the author of Rika's Jewel, Snow Blonde and Cheap Trick, available from Black Lace.
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