Bare-Arsed Banditti

Bare-Arsed Banditti

The Men of the '45


'Deftly told' The Herald

They were modern men, the soldiers of the '45: doctors and lawyers, students and teachers, gardeners and weavers. These are the men often written out of history, or else depicted as gallant but misguided fools.

But in reality they were children of the Age of Reason, they wrote poetry, discussed the latest ideas in philosophy and science - and rose in armed rebellion against the might of the British crown and government.

Many faced agonising personal dilemmas before committing themselves to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite Cause. Few had any illusions about the consequences of failure. Many met their date with destiny on Culloden Moor, players in a global conflict that shaped the world we live in today.

Combining meticulous research with entertaining and stylish delivery, Maggie Craig tells the dramatic and moving stories of the men who were willing to risk everything for their vision of a better future for themselves, their families and Scotland.

'A superbly structured work, written with passion and conviction' Scots Magazine

About the author

Maggie Craig

Maggie Craig writes acclaimed historical non-fiction. She is also the author of several historical novels set in both Edinburgh and her hometown of Glasgow. She lives with her husband in her mother's native Aberdeenshire.
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