The Choice

The Choice


Young, gifted and falling for Mr Wrong...

Poppy Miller is an exceptionally bright and ambitious student at a top British university. Determined to make her mark in politics, she has her mind set on finding a husband with similar aspirations to herself. Stephen Mitchell, a second-year law student seems to fit the profile and the young pair begin a tender love affair and plan a future together. But then Dr James McLean, a rakish don, appears on the scene.

Poppy can't help feeling drawn to the older man, and the campus stories about his colourful past and masterful character only increase her fascination. She knows that a liaison with the darkly seductive McLean will change the course of her life, but perhaps deep down that is what she wants after all? Poppy has to make a choice: should she go with her head or with her heart? Her romantic notions or her baser instints...

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Monica Belle

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