Star Wars: Red Harvest

Star Wars: Red Harvest


Received with enormous buzz and anticipation, Joe Schreiber's Star Wars: Death
was the first time the Star Wars galaxy entered the realm of horror. Seth
Grahame-Smith, New York Times bestselling author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,
called it "the Star Wars of every horror fan's dreams--gory, funny, and brimming with a
blood-spattered cast of swashbucklers and space-zombies." Now the horror continues in a
whole new adventure bringing Sith and Jedi both face to face with the undead in the dark
times of the Old Republic...

About the author

Joe Schreiber

JOE SCHREIBER is the author of Star Wars: Death Troopers, Star Wars: Red Harvest,
Chasing the Dead, and Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick. He was born in Michigan but
spent his formative years in Alaska, Wyoming, and northern California. Until recently, he
had never lived at the same address for longer than a year. He lives in central
Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.
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