'He wanted very large sums of money, the friendship of titled and distinguished men, the love of beautiful women who were also famous. He was twenty, and his dreams were titanic.'

Ticky's father has bought him a position in Queen Victoria's most famous regiment: the First Bloods. Spending his last pennies on lavish accommodation and a fine stallion, Ticky arrives at The Club: the mighty glass towers in central London where the First Bloods reign supreme. Here, dressed in their violet cloth and copper lace, the First Bloods and their regimental servants fight over a portion of recreational ground, row over rituals, and dole out extraordinary punishments.

Satirising the pomp of all-male military societies, Ticky was Gibbons' own favourite of her novels.

'Gibbons proves herself to possess a natural and effortless talent for the burlesque' Times Literary Supplement


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About the author

Stella Gibbons

Stella Gibbons was born in London in 1902. She went to the North London Collegiate School and studied journalism at University College, London. She then worked for ten years on various papers, including the Evening Standard. Stella Gibbons is the author of twenty-five novels, three volumes of short stories, and four volumes of poetry. Her first novel Cold Comfort Farm (1932) was an immediate success and won the Femina Vie Heureuse Prize for 1933. Among her works are Nightingale Wood (1938), The Bachelor (1944), Westwood (1946), and Starlight (1967). She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1950. Stella Gibbons died in 1989.
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