Walk Me Home

Walk Me Home


Fans of Jodi Picoult, Mitch Albom and Alice Sebold will love this truly captivating story, written with such depth of emotion and full of both heartbreak and hope by Richard & Judy bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde.

'A work of art...enchanting' -- San Francisco Chronicle

'Surprisingly wonderful' -- Mirror
'Well written and compelling' -- ***** Reader review
'I could not put it down. Absolutely loved it' -- ***** Reader review
'Absolutely wonderful' -- ***** Reader review
'Loved it - and I want more...!' -- ***** Reader review


Carly and her little sister Jen are walking. Something terrible has happened. Something that has left Carly in charge, her faith in humanity shattered. She knows they need help but she is terrified of her sister being taken away from her. All they have is each other.

Carly wants them to find their way back to the last person she knew she could trust - their stepfather. But Jen holds a secret about him which, if she's telling the truth, will put them both at far more risk than they could imagine...

About the author

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of more than 14 novels including Pay it Forward (which was made into a feature film starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt), Love in the Present Tense (a Richard & Judy Book Club bestseller), Chasing Windmills, When I Found You and Second Hand Heart. Catherine lives in a small town in California.

For more information on Catherine Ryan Hyde and her books, see her website at www.catherineryanhyde.com
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