Moth (Short Story ebook)

Moth (Short Story ebook)


Once bitten . . . never shy.

Since being Turned, teenage vampire Moth has been trying to get to grips with her life as one of Boston's newly 'undead'. But her dangerous and powerful Maker, Theo, needs her to do more to prove herself . . . The task? To retrieve the ashes of an important master vampire. The catch? The funeral urn is currently being kept in the apartment of a vampire hunter with a notoriously high success rate. But when Moth comes face-to-face with the hunter’s young son, Jace, who will come out on top?

About the author

Karen Mahoney

Karen Mahoney has been a professional Tarot reader, a college counsellor, a dating agency consultant, and bookseller and a webmistress. She is now a full-time writer and her first novel, The Iron Witch, was published in 2011. She has a highly trafficked blog where she talks about everything from writing books to her lifelong love of Wonder Woman.

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