The Politically Incorrect Parenting Book

The Politically Incorrect Parenting Book

10 No-Nonsense Rules to Stay Sane and Raise Happy Kids


Do your kids sometimes make you feel as if your head is going to explode?
Have you ever yelled until you were hoarse?
Do you have days when you feel like making a run for the airport?
Why is it so hard to be the parent you'd like to be?

Nigel Latta, bestselling parenting author, clinical psychologist and father of two, knows full well the challenges of being a parent. Loved for his clear and refreshingly down-to-earth parenting advice, Nigel takes the guilt out of being a parent with his 10 simple rules.

Tackling all the common areas that frequently become family battlegrounds, including sleep, eating, potty training and discipline, Nigel will help you through the first 10 years with your kids - and make sure that you actually really enjoy each other's company!

Nigel's 10 rules include, 'Kids Need Fences', 'Be Consistent-ish', 'Embrace Chaos', 'Feed the Good, Starve the Bad' and 'All Behaviour is Communication'. Written with humour, insight and wisdom, this essential guide is the perfect companion for any overstretched parent who wishes their family life were easier and more enjoyable.


  • This book has so much common sense – I love it!
    Dr Christopher Green, author of Toddler Taming

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