The Blossom Method

The Blossom Method

The Revolutionary Way to Communicate With Your Baby From Birth


'Ever uttered the words "What do you want?" in frustration to your crying, irritable or fractious baby? Well never again!'- Janette Roberts, author of the Healthy Parents, Better Babies

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could talk to your baby and understand his or her emotions, needs and wants. In The Blossom Method™, body language expert Vivien Sabel allows you to do just that - through learning your baby's non-verbal communications. With this groundbreaking technique you will be able to meet your baby's needs before he or she cries.

Discover how to:
- Understand your baby's body language and 'tongue talking' signals
- Recognise when your baby is hungry, irritable or ill
- Help your infant feel understood and supported
- Feel less frustration and gain more parenting confidence

The Blossom Method™ allows you to understand and communicate with your baby from day one, leading to a happy, settled baby and a strong parent-child bond.



  • There are few books that can be called truly groundbreaking - this is one of them ... A must read for EVERY new parent.
    Dr Rosina McAlpine, Director of Inspired Children and Associate Professor at The University of Sydney

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