Mums Like Us

Mums Like Us


It’s Mums Like Us vs Mother Superiors. Which side are you on? A fun, witty novel about what it's like to be an ordinary mum...

Attention, all lardies!

Are you sick to death of mum-upmanship at the school gates?

Have you had your fill of Mother Superiors who lose their baby weight in six weeks while you’re still carrying yours years later?

Do you crave the company of like-minded mums who will admit motherhood smells not of roses but of dirty nappies?

Well, look no further than Mums Like Us, a weekly group where knackered mums can let rip about kids, husbands and work.

So join our rejection of perfection, and fight for ‘good enough’ parenting. And drink. And lots of cake.

Stella Smith
Mums Like Us Chairwoman


  • What an absolute treat! I stayed up to the early hours to finish it and felt rather bereft when I had. I imagine that, like me, readers will be nodding at every turn and screaming at the page "Yes, that's just what it's like. I'm not alone - someone else is out there!" ... I love it.
    Milly Johnson, author of A WINTER FLAME

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Laura Kemp

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