A Time to Remember/Model of Beauty/View from Beacon Hill (Storycuts)

A Time to Remember/Model of Beauty/View from Beacon Hill (Storycuts)


In 'A Time to Remember', Kate can hardly contain her excitement when she finds out her daughter has gone into labour: she is going to be a grandmother! As the time passes whilst they wait for news of the new arrival, Kate finds herself reminiscing of her relationship with her own grandmother, and how time has flown.

In 'Model of Beauty', Jilly has been enjoying her painting classes. She has been mocking the ample-sized model who has been sitting for them lately, but the tables are turned when the teacher decides they are all to paint each other - and Jilly becomes the model herself. Will she think her portrait a true likeness? And what will come of having someone pay such close attention to her?

In 'View from Beacon Hill', Alison enjoys her time on Beacon Hill. It is where she has the space to consider her life, and the choices she has made and has yet to make. Eight and a half months pregnant, with only days to go until her due date, her life is about to change forever. But might she change her mind about the decisions she has made?

Part of the Storycuts series, these three short stories were previously published in the collection Summer Promises and Other Stories.

About the author

Elvi Rhodes

Elvi Rhodes was born and educated in Yorkshire. She is the author of many bestselling novels including Opal, Doctor Rose, Ruth Appleby, The Golden Girls, Madeleine, The House of Bonneau, Cara's Land, The Rainbow Through the Rain, The Bright One, The Mountain, Portrait of Chloe, Spring Music, Midsummer Meeting, The Birthday Party, Mulberry Lane, A Blessing In Disguise and The Apple Tree. A collection of stories, Summer Promise and Other Stories, is also published by Corgi Books.
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