Leave it to Mavis/Night Flight/Wedding Shoes (Storycuts)

Leave it to Mavis/Night Flight/Wedding Shoes (Storycuts)


In 'Leave it to Mavis', Mavis has been helping to make the arrangements for her daughter Julie's wedding - most importantly, booking the village hall for the reception. But when busybody Edith Prosser comes to visit, it seems that the wedding plans may not be running quite as smoothly as everyone had thought...

In 'Night Flight', Ruth can't sleep. Her husband should be in the bed next to her, but he's been out a lot recently, during the small hours of the morning. As Eddie travels home, he can't wait to get into bed - he can barely keep his eyes open. But he finds no one in the house, just a note from Ruth.

In 'Wedding Shoes', Penny is thrilled to be the only bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding. But when she finds the perfect shoes for her outfit, there is only one size left - half a size too small. Surely she can squeeze into them if she tries? Little does she know the events that will unfold because of her shoes...

Part of the Storycuts series, these three short stories were previously published in the collection Summer Promise and Other Stories.

About the author

Elvi Rhodes

Elvi Rhodes was born and educated in Yorkshire. She is the author of many bestselling novels including Opal, Doctor Rose, Ruth Appleby, The Golden Girls, Madeleine, The House of Bonneau, Cara's Land, The Rainbow Through the Rain, The Bright One, The Mountain, Portrait of Chloe, Spring Music, Midsummer Meeting, The Birthday Party, Mulberry Lane, A Blessing In Disguise and The Apple Tree. A collection of stories, Summer Promise and Other Stories, is also published by Corgi Books.
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