The Other Son

The Other Son


How far would you go to protect your family?

Sophie Brinkmann was once an ordinary woman. A dedicated nurse, a grieving widow, a single mother to a beloved teenage son. And then she fell in love with a major crime lord.

When he was left in a coma after a brutal attack by his rivals, it was Sophie who had to take control of his empire and negotiate with vengeful mobsters, cunning detectives and charismatic arms dealers.

But now their rivals are closing in on them and Sophie is caught up in a game where the rules are constantly changing, where loyalty and friendship are meaningless.

If she and her son are to get out of this alive, she has to find her inner strength – and her inner darkness.


  • This suspense novel is truly well-written - the language is easy to follow, has a flow, and caught me right from the get–go; I had a terribly hard time putting the book down, for which reason I finished it in record time. A pure pleasure /…/ this is true top–notch entertainment!
    Bognørden, (Denmark)

About the author

Alexander Soderberg

Alexander Soderberg previously worked as a scriptwriter and story editor for Swedish television, where he worked on adaptations of well-known crime novels as well as drama and sitcoms.
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