A Series of Unrelated Events

A Series of Unrelated Events


Have you ever been stitched up to the national press by your best mate?

Or unintentionally upset a band with a slip of the tongue on a live TV show?

Or ruined a dinner party by transforming everything alcoholic into water?

Hello. I’m Richard Bacon and this is A Series of Unrelated Events. All of the stories are true. All of them happened to me. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to (you’re welcome).

So now, if you should ever find yourself sobbing on top of a box of gherkins in the stockroom of a Mansfield McDonald’s… having a Twitter conversation with your mum while she’s pretending to be an illiterate dog… performing stand-up to an audience who are funnier than you are… or just letting down all of the children of Great Britain…

…you’ll know exactly what to do.


  • Richard’s book is as honest, open and funny as it is gripping and brave
    Emma Freud, Radio 4

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