The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey


'Only one thing was clear and certain - that at all costs he was going home, home to his own beloved master...

The Hunter children must go abroad, so they reluctantly leave their three pets in the care of a friend. But the faithful animals only know they must get home again, somehow. So the labrador, the old bull terrier and the dainty Siamese cat set off on a perilous journey through the wilderness. But how will domestic animals fare against river rapids, hunger, icy temperatures, and ferocious wild beasts? And if they make it home, will their owners be waiting for them?

The perfect gift for an animal-loving child this Christmas.

Includes exclusive material: In the Backstory you can find out about some incredible real-life pet adventures!


  • A glowing Sunday afternoon of a novel, The Incredible Journey charts the adventures of three pets mistakenly abandoned

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Sheila Burnford

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