Night Mares

Night Mares


Dr Nina Crawford of the University of Glasgow's Veterinary College - driven, fanatically dedicated, a survivor - is one of the most respected equine surgeons in the country. But now she seems to be losing her grip, on her operating theatre, on her skills - and on her mind. A surgeon's worst nightmare is coming true before her eyes: "The operation was a great success, but the patient died." All of her cases are dying after routine surgery and she has no idea why, or how, or what to do to stop it. Under the fierce scrutiny of those around her, Nina feels herself spiralling into the depths that led her, years before, to attempt suicide. Kellen Stewart is Nina's therapist - and also her friend. Now her own horse needs emergency surgery and Nina is the only one who can do it. As the boundaries blur between friendship and professional relationship, it becomes clear that it's not only the horses' lives that are on the line.

About the author

Manda Scott

Over the past two decades Manda Scott has brought iconic historical figures back to life, reimagined and re-booted for the twenty-first century. Her crime novels have been shortlisted for many awards including Hen's Teeth for the Orange Prize and No Good Deed for an Edgar Award. Her work has been translated into over twenty languages.

Manda’s bestselling Boudica series was recently optioned for television.
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