How To Make It In Advertising

How To Make It In Advertising


Advertising. Is it really 'the greatest art form of the twentieth century'
(Marshall McLuhan)? Whatever your views, it is undeniably one of the most
popular career choices going-and one of the most difficult to get into. If
you want to be creative and make money, or simply fancy trying your hand
at a job in one of the most powerful industries around, then this
indispensable guide is all you'll need to get a foot in the door and keep a
step ahead of the competition. It's a careers guide with a difference, using
the experience and wisdom of some of the industry's top people. You'll find
essential advice on how to get started and how to get ahead, as well as
the insider's view of the genuine pros and cons of each job, from copywriter
to account handler. Your new career starts here.

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