* How can sprinter Usain Bolt break his world record without running any faster?

* Why do high-jumpers use the Fosbury Flop?

* What's the best strategy for taking penalties in football?

* What statistical advantage do left-handed boxers have over their right-handed opponents?

* And did you know that gymnasts can experience stronger g-forces than roller-coaster designers are allowed to create?

John D. Barrow shows how maths can give us surprising and enlivening insights into the world of sports - essential reading for competitors, armchair enthusiasts and maths-lovers alike.


  • This is a really interesting and original premise that will certainly make you think again about what you know about sport and perhaps make you watch it in an entirely new light
    J Craddock, Nudge

About the author

John D. Barrow

John D. Barrow is Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Director of the Millennium Mathematics Project at Cambridge University, Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, a Fellow of the Royal Society, and formerly Professor of both Geometry and Astronomy at Gresham College, London. His previous books include The Book of Nothing, The Constants of Nature, The Infinite Book, Cosmic Imagery, the bestselling 100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know, The Book of Universes, and, most recently, 100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Sport.
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