Flying with Confidence

Flying with Confidence

A Guided Relaxation


Fearful flyers need fear no more! This soothing hour-long relaxation programme, read by top psychologist and flying expert Patricia Furness-Smith, provides proven techniques for controlling anxiety, claustrophobia and panic. To be used both before and during flights to help you feel confident and in control from take off to landing, it includes:

- Guided visualisation

- Correct breathing patterns

- Full body relaxation

- Application of senses to keep the mind positively occupied

This reassuring programme will help you feel safe and calm when you next take to the skies.

This audio guide works in accompaniment to the book, Flying with Confidence, written by Patricia Furness Smith and Captain Steve Allright, but can also stand alone as a useful tool to help you control your fears.

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Patricia Furness-Smith

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