Quickies: More True Confessions

Quickies: More True Confessions


In this new collection of erotic tales, ten women, each with their own wild fantasies and dark desires, reveal their most provocative confessions . Nothing is out of bounds and passion is pushed to its very limit.

Hard Hat - a sexy builder turns out to be the tall, dark and silent type
Model Misbehaviour - supermodel Anna Lamb has a memorable catwalk experience, thanks to her rockstar boyfriend Joey and some very special lingerie
Toy Story - two housemates find a very special kind of toy in the house
Bossy - power games in the office show the boss who's really in charge
Car-ma Sutra - fantasies about sex in public lead a young married couple to an unexpected midnight encounter
Steaming - a stressed businesswoman gets the gold-standard treatment at a very special sauna
A Working Girl - hard up for cash, a young magazine assistant decides to become an escort, but first she has to attend a private interview...
Ash - Nina picks up skinny indie kid Ash at a gig, but there's more to him than meets the eye
All Tomorrow's Parties - when artist David meets dancer Charlie, and discovers she is a virgin, he furthers her education in more ways than one
Waterbaby - a young woman discovers that keeping it all in can lead to new heights of ecstasy.

With private indulgences stripped bare for all to see, Quickies: More True Confessions ensures that nothing remains a secret any more.

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