Chelsea Dreaming

Chelsea Dreaming

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A quizzical look at the life and legend of celebrated poet Dylan Thomas, through the critical eyes of the infamous Chelsea Hotel. In Room 206 of the Chelsea Hotel in New York, Dylan Thomas went into the coma that led to his death. On this particular night, listening to its own ghosts and memories, the Chelsea hotel encounters Dylan Thomas. Together they chart the path of the poet's life, from the inspired work of his early years to a gradual decline into alcohol which culminated in the pathetic boast 'I have just had 18 whiskies. I think that is the record', before his final collapse. For the Chelsea, the wild behaviour, the addictions and the indulgences are irrelevant if they accompany artistic exploration. What is harder to forgive is excess to the point of destroying a unique talent. Written by D.J. Britton.

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