My Name Is Iqbal Masih

My Name Is Iqbal Masih

A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation


A BBC Radio 4 full-cast drama about a young Pakistani boy forced into bonded labour in a carpet factory at the age of four, and who became a figurehead for the Bonded Liberation Movement aged eleven. Originally broadcast as the 'Afternoon Play' on 25 February 2009, and repeated on 18 January 2011. Despite the valiant efforts of many, there are still thousands of child labourers in factories across Asia - often working long hours in terrible conditions to provide cheap clothing and other goods for our high street stores. This play, the extraordinary and moving story of Iqbal Masih, brings to the foreground one of the less savoury elements of an increasingly global economy, and contributes to the continuing debate about our wider responsibilities as consumers. It also celebrates the tragically short life of a remarkable individual. 'My Name is Iqbal Masih' won the 2009 Clarion Radio Drama Award, and stars Sagar Radia in the title role, with Bhasker Patel as Khan, Kaleem Janjua as the carpet master and Manjeet Mann as Inayat. Also featured amongst the cast are Inam Mirza, Gagan Sharma, Janice Acquah, Chris Pavlo and Saikat Ahamed.

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