A BBC Radio dramatisation of Mary Shelley's classic tale. Frankenstein was written by a teenager and the story has all the energy and emotional intensity of this time of life. It's a thrilling, horrifying adventure, packed with incident and breath-taking moments. But the incident and surface horror are metaphors for deeper, ever relevant themes: the hubris of science and those who practise it without moral responsibility; society's attitudes to difference; the quest for love. Most importantly, it raises profound questions about children; the love/hate relationship between parents and adolescents; the guilt and pain suffered by both when it all goes wrong. Dramatised by Lucy Catherine. Starring Jamie Parker as Frankenstein, with Shaun Dooley, Susie Riddell, Alun Raglan, Robert Blythe, Sam Alexander, Christine Alexander, Patrick Brennan, Bruce Alexander, Emma Hook, Joe Sims and Don Gilet. Music by Colin Guthrie. Directed by Marc Beeby.

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