That's Mine, This Is Yours

That's Mine, This Is Yours

A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation


A BBC Radio 4 romantic comedy about the separation of Sam (Alex Jennings) and Juliet (Tamsin Greig). 'That's Mine, This is Yours' was originally broadcast as the 'Afternoon Play' on 4 May 2011.Sam and Juliet are to divorce. We join them as they meet to divide up their possessions in the house they've shared ever since they married. As they discuss what belongs to whom we learn all we need to know about their characters, what drew them together and what has driven them apart. We'll also learn if there is still some hope for them, even on the eve of their separation.The early signs are not good. They seem to have drifted apart and to have very little in common. Sam is an avid hoarder and collector; not of anything of great value, simply things that he feels should be kept together. For example he owns a single example of every toy ever given away with a McDonald's Happy Meal. Juliet's drive and decisiveness, once so sexy and stimulating, to him now feel like coldness and self-obsession.But is there still some way back from the brink for the couple?Starring Tamsin Greig ('The Archers', 'Episodes', 'Love Soup') as Juliet and Alex Jennings ('Goldfish Girl') as Sam, with Eleanor Butters as Amanda.

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