Peter Cook In His Own Words

Peter Cook In His Own Words


Peter Cook was an exceptional talent - verbally witty, surreally inventive and a true original. The father of modern satire and alternative comedy, he was voted the top comedian of all time in the Channel 4 show The Comedian's Comedian.

In this selection of clips from the BBC archive, Michael Palin trawls Peter Cook's back catalogue for his funniest and silliest moments, including several rare gems that have never been previously broadcast.

Covering Peter Cook's 36-year career, it features all the best interviews, monologues and sketches, including extracts from Beyond the Fringe, monologues from the immortal E. L. Wisty and excerpts from Cook and Moore's taboo-breaking 'Derek and Clive' dialogues. There are also hilarious parodies of Malcolm Muggeridge and Loyd Grossman, radio phone-ins from 'Sven' and various interviews discussing his involvement with Private Eye.

Insightful and irresistible, this is a fascinating exploration of the life and career of a seriously funny man.

Peter Cook In His Own Words features classic comedy extracts which reflect the language and attitudes of their time.

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