The Factory Girl

The Factory Girl


From rags to riches...

With the Armistice only a few months passed, times are hard for eighteen-year-old Geraldine Glover. A machinist at Rubins clothing factory in the East End, she dreams of a more glamorous life.

When she meets Tony Hanford, the young and handsome proprietor of a small jeweller's shop in Bond Street, Geraldine is propelled into a new world – but it comes at a heavy price...

About the author

Maggie Ford

Maggie Ford was born in the East End of London but at the age of six she moved to Essex, where she lived for the rest of her life. After the death of her first husband, when Maggie was only twenty-six, she went to work as a legal secretary until she remarried in 1968. She wrote short stories from the early 1970s up to her death at the age of 92.
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