The Periodic Table of WINE

The Periodic Table of WINE


Welcome to The Periodic Table of Wine! Instead of hydrogen to helium, here you'll find Chardonnay to Shiraz - grape varieties and wine names, as you would find wine in shops, arranged following the logical ordering of The Periodic Table of Elements.

Wine expert Sarah Rowland has arranged 127 wines by their essential colour, aroma and flavour properties, from white to rose to red and including sparkling, fortified and sweet wines too. The result is an engaging pocket guide to wine that makes navigating wine lists and off-licence shelves hassle free and easy for anyone.

Do you tend to stick to what you know and like? Find your favourite wine in the table and, in theory, you should like all the other wines in the same column and also the wines immediately to the left or right, regardless of colour, because they all share characteristics you'll enjoy. Then find out why they are similar, how to enjoy them, what to pair them with and even more wines to try in this expert guide.

About the author

Sarah Rowlands

Former actuary Sarah Rowlands trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine and then worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant. During this time, her love of flavour and flavour pairings lead to her developing a passion for wine. She now works freelance, hosting wine tastings, working at wine fairs, acting as an associate judge for the International Wine and Spirit Competition, an examiner for the Wine Spirit Education Trust and travelling the world to taste and learn about new and little known wines. She also gives cookery lessons and breadmaking courses.
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