101 Uses for a Celebrity Chef

101 Uses for a Celebrity Chef

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Have you ever felt that celebrity chefs just aren’t as useful as they could be?

Well, this is the book for you.

Whether you're on holiday, at home or at play, this fully illustrated guide will show you how to get the best out of your favourite celebrity chefs.

From motorbikes to mugs, pepper pots to pinatas and rugs to rolling pins, there's a multitude of uses for every cookery star in the book.

About the author

Andy Watt

Andy Watt, a graduate of Warwickshire School of Art has spent the last two decades illustrating columns, articles, and editorial pieces for The Guardian, The Times and The Independent. His work has featured in many other magazines in the U.K and USA. He has illustrated several books, worked on advertising campaigns, and created character designs animated on television.

Andy has an irrational fear of restaurants, but has twice eaten in Jamie Oliver's restaurant ‘Fifteen' in Cornwall which he describes as 'very nice’. Thank you Jamie, please don't take offence at my silly drawing.
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