The Spirits

The Spirits

A Guide to Modern Cocktailing


'A handbook of classic cocktails essential to every host's repertoire' Vogue

Want to master the art of mixology from home?

Of all the skills you might acquire in life, learning how to make exquisite cocktails is the least likely to be a waste of your time.

In this classic guide to cocktailing, writer, columnist and founder of 'The Spirits' newsletter - "a book club but for cocktails" - Richard Godwin offers over 200 delicious, inventive and accessible recipes.

Beautifully written, laugh-out-loud funny and full of practical good sense as well as fascinating historical snippets, this little book contains everything that an amateur needs to up their cocktailing game - and increase the sum of human happiness.

'Simple to navigate and fun to read, it's the only book I reach for on a Friday evening. The weekend starts here.' Felicity Cloake

'I truly love this book. No one writes about drinks like Richard Godwin - I enjoy his prose as much as anything in the glass.' Marina Hyde

'The best, most elegant and most sparkling' cocktail book' Esquire


  • the best, most elegant, and most sparkling of such books on my shelf at the moment is Richard Godwin's The Spirits: A Guide to Modern Cocktailing. It's one thing to mix drinks, but another to know their joy by heart, and the author serves up truths like the veritable philosopher of the art form. Not many books, and certainly not the Bible, can offer to save your marriage, but The Spirits might do that and a little more.
    Andrew O'Hagan, Esquire

About the author

Richard Godwin

Richard Godwin is a journalist and weekly columnist at the Evening Standard. He is an obsessive cocktail enthusiast but prides himself on being very much an amateur. He has a blog called 'The Spirits'. He was a co-writer of The Breakfast Bible.
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