Perfect Days

Perfect Days


The path to true love rarely runs smoothly...

Teo, a medical student, meets Clarice at a party. Teo doesn’t really like people, they’re too messy, but he immediately realises that he and Clarice are meant to be together. And if Clarice doesn’t accept that? Well, they just need to spend some time together, and she’ll come to realise that too.

And yes, he has bought handcuffs and yes, he has taken her prisoner and yes, he is lying to her mother and to his mother and to the people at the hotel he’s keeping her at, but it’s all for her own good.

She’ll understand. She’ll fall in love. She’ll settle down and be his loving wife.

Won’t she?


  • A chilling, twisty exposed nerve of a novel. Even creepier than Gone Girl. I loved it
    Lauren Beukes, author of The Shining Girls

About the authors

Raphael Montes

Raphael Montes was born in 1990 in Rio de Janeiro. A lawyer and a writer, he has published short stories in various mystery anthologies including the Brazilian Playboy magazine. Suicidas, his debut novel, was a finalist for the Benvira Literature Prize in 2010, the Machado de Assis Prize awarded by the National Library in 2012, and the São Paulo Literature Prize in 2013.
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Alison Entrekin

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