Top Gear: Planet Garage

Top Gear: Planet Garage

Stuff to do in a world of your own

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Building your own hovervan or brewing your own beer? Get down to the garage.

Looking to store several step ladders or conceal a secret collection of owls? The garage is the place.

Maybe you just want to whistle, drum or shout 'Ow my thumb!' without being told to shut up. The garage is waiting.

This book celebrates the garage and all that happens in it. Even the fires.

About the author

Richard Porter

Richard Porter is the author of over 10 official Top Gear titles and two Grand Tour tie-ins. He is the creator of online motoring satire magazine (150k users per month; Twitter 76k), and is also one of the three presenters on podcast Gareth Jones on Speed, which regularly tops the automotive charts with approx 1,000 downloads a day. He lives in London.
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