Shakespeare's Guide to Parenting

Shakespeare's Guide to Parenting

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William Shakespeare, dad of three, knew a few things about parenting. The ideal gift for new parents, grandparents, parents-to-be...

Shakespeare's Guide to Parenting is the perfect pick-me-up for every parent or parent to be, helping mums and dads know exactly what to say, in every parenting eventuality.

Sometimes, being a parent can leave you lost for words. So, who other to turn to than father of three William Shakespeare for the perfect response to all these parenting dilemmas, and more. This witty and erudite guide is a handy collection of wisdom, cunningly extracted from Shakespeare’s best-loved plays, and hilariously illustrated by James Andrews. From King Lear to Cleopatra, from Lady Macbeth to Juliet: Shakespeare proves, once again, that he is (as he said himself!) the font of all wisdom, including raising children.


  • Witty and hilariously illustrated enlightenment from an unexpected, yet undeniably erudite source

About the author

James Andrews

James Andrews is a UK writer, satirist and cartoonist working exclusively in the Naïve style. He taught in secondary schools for thirteen years and has written two books about teaching, one of them a bit serious. His third book was a satirical view of office life.

As well as contributing articles to educational publications such as the TES and Teach Secondary he has written numerous articles for satirical online websites including The Poke and NewsThump.
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