The Light Between Us

The Light Between Us

Lessons from Heaven That Teach Us to Live Better in the Here and Now


'She can pick up personal facts impossible to fathom by deduction or guesswork.' JEANETTE WINTERSON

'A marvellous book.' DR EBEN ALEXANDER

'We all have psychic experiences in our lives that connect us to one another and to those we love on the Other Side. Not just once in a while, but all the time.'

Laura Lynne Jackson has been receiving communications from the afterlife since she was a child. In The Light Between Us she takes us through her struggle to come to peace with her gift and use it to help others.

Through her moving and uplifting stories of the people she has helped, Laura Lynne shares her knowledge of how to understand these messages of love, and how we can use those lessons to help us live more peacefully in the present.

What The Light Between Us has meant to readers:
'A genuine and honest testimonial'
'This book has made me laugh, made me cry and make me think'
'I love this book. It really helps you realise that the ones we love are never far from us.'
'The stories are heartfelt and had me in tears towards the end'
'Very uplifting'
'It has given me so much comfort and understanding'

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Laura Lynne Jackson

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