Love Sick

Love Sick

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You might go a bit crazy but you are not alone.

Let Jessie Cave's Love Sick be your love survival guide.

As mentioned by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes on The High Low.

Love Sick collects together Jessie Cave's most neurotic doodles to celebrate the euphoria and turmoil of modern love. From the magic of dating, lust, falling in love and true friendship to the horrors of falling out of love, ghosting, paranoia and misunderstandings - it is all here and universally familiar.

Laugh and cringe knowing that you've been there too and will probably go there again but that it's OK because so will everyone.

About the author

Jessie Cave

About Jessie: 'My hobbies include googling symptoms, telling people I feel fat so they say I don't look fat and googling people around my age in a similar field who are doing better than me'.

Jessie Cave is an actress, comedian, writer and doodler known for her roles in the Harry Potter films, critically acclaimed Pride and Glue. Find her daily doodles @jessiecave and Jessie at, on YouTube and at The Edinburgh Fringe.
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