The Gig Economy, the End of the Job and the Future of Work


'Excellent' Martin Wolf, Financial Times Books of the Year
'Essential' Daniel Pink, author of Drive
'Wonderful' Martin Ford, author of The Rise of the Robots

Profit. Innovation. Greed.
Welcome to the gig economy.

Between Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts, freelance jobs are becoming an increasingly prominent part of our economy.

Gigged goes inside the Silicon Valley companies leading the way to this emerging 'gig economy'. It tells the stories of the workers - from computer programmers to online comment moderators - who are getting by in a new wave of precarious, short-term employment. And it sketches out what tomorrow's economy might look like: one where the fortunate get to work when they want, how they want, while the rest live lives of extraordinary hardship.

It might just be the future of work for all of us.

*Longlisted for the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award*

Praise for Gigged

'Well researched and beautifully written . . . Essential reading for anyone who is interested in understanding the future of our economy and society.' Ha-Joon Chang, author of 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism

'Well crafted . . . a multitude of anecdotes supported by data and extensive reporting.' Forbes

'Kessler's timely book explores the personal, corporate and societal stories behind a massive tech-driven shift away from permanent office-based employment.' Books of the Month, Financial Times

'Kessler illuminates a great divide: For people with desirable skills, the gig economy often permits a more engaging, entrepreneurial lifestyle; but for the unskilled who turn to such work out of necessity, it's merely "the best of bad options".' Harvard Business Review

'Sarah Kessler writes like a dream. If you want to know how work is changing and how you too must change to keep up, you must read this book.' Dan Lyons, author of Disrupted


  • What does working in the new “gig economy” of flexibility combined with insecurity feel like? This excellent book by the journalist Sarah Kessler will help those who have no experience of this way of earning a living appreciate the answer. This new labour market offers a measure of freedom and opportunity. But it also does not allow people to make the plans they need if they are to lead a fulfilled life. Reform must come.
    Martin Wolf, Books of the Year, Financial Times

About the author

Sarah Kessler

Sarah Kessler is a deputy editor at Quartz, where she writes about the future of work. She was previously senior associate editor at Fast Company and before that associate editor at Mashable. Her writing has appeared in publications including Inc., Salon, and USA Today.
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