Leaner, Fitter, Stronger

Leaner, Fitter, Stronger

Get the Body You Want with Our Amazing Meals and Smart Workouts


Ditch the fads, ditch the fat and get lean for life - let Max, Lloyd, James and Tom show you how.

This book is not a quick fix – it's a new way of life. Leaner, Fitter, Stronger is about how to make a fit and healthy lifestyle work hard for you; how to have a career, see your friends, go out, have a family, drink, eat burgers and get in the best shape of your life (and stay that way!). With Max, Lloyd, James and Tom as your guides you’ll never feel tied down by a regime, like you can’t accept a drinks invitation or like you have to force down that poached chicken fillet that you’d rather swap for fries.


- Over 60 easy-to-do recipes from PB & J French Toast and cookie dough protein bars to hearty salads, stir fries and roast chicken with a twist
- Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and on-the-go, the sweet stuff and 4-ingredient heroes
- Workouts for every body: Tabata circuits, home workouts, buddy training, gym how-to's and stretches

Plus advice to keep you motivated, life hacks for fitting fitness into your life (and not the other way around!) and a host of myth-busting.

These guys know their stuff; let them be your go-to-experts to getting leaner, fitter and stronger for good.

About the authors:

The Exton Twins and Bridger Brothers founded LDNM in 2013.

LDNM is an internationally known and widely respected brand, having brought world-proven diet and training guides, fitness qualifications and education, apparel, a range of high quality supplements and a #1 app to their hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide, changing lives and physiques on every continent.

Leaner, Fitter, Stronger is their first book.

About the authors

Tom Exton

Tom Exton, originally a law graduate, having also completed law school following graduation, still works full time in the City of London. Tom co-founded LDNM with his twin brother James, and the Bridger Brothers.

LDNM is an internationally known and respected fitness brand, having brought world-proven diet & training Guides, fitness qualifications & education, fitness apparel, a well-regarded range of high quality supplements, & even a number one App to tens of thousands worldwide - changing lives on every continent.
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James Exton

James Exton, is a fully qualified Barrister, now fulfilling his passion for fitness as creator and director of LDNMuscle Ltd (LDNM), and twin to co-founder, Tom Exton.

He graduated from Nottingham University in 2008 and was awarded a scholarship to the Bar, before being called to the Bar in late 2009. His professional career started in London working for a legal firm but his passion for fitness and changing peoples lives took hold in 2013 with the creation of LDNM, an online advice port offering real, safe, sustainable and helpful diet and training advice for those wanting to transform how they look and feel.

LDNM is now an internationally known and respected brand, offering Diet and Training Plans, Education and Training, clothing and a unique supplement range to tens of thousands worldwide.
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Max Bridger

Max Bridger was born in London (1991), excelling within both education and sports, before graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2014.
Since 2013 he has managed and built a market-leading fitness company, LDNMuscle Ltd., with his older brother and two friends. In this time he has been producing fully comprehensive fitness, nutrition and lifestyle guides, teaching at courses and presenting at seminars, whilst writing articles for LDNMuscle. Max is also called upon regularly by various fitness publications and national media channels, providing written and verbal expert commentary on all things health and fitness.
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Lloyd Bridger

Lloyd Bridger is a founding member of LDN Muscle (LDNM) having been heavily involved in building the brand identity and helping thousands of people achieve their health and well-being goals. With a BSc in Chemistry and almost 2 decades competing in sport at a high level, Lloyd is able to apply an analytical approach to health and well-being - drawing on his own experience and other he has worked alongside.
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