Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef

30-minute meals. Gluten free. No refined carbs. 10 ingredients


30-minute meals. Gluten free. No refined carbs. Maximum of 10 ingredients.
Healthy eating has never been easier.

'We don’t believe in meticulous calorie counting or following strict diets. We simply like good, wholesome food that benefits you and your body.'

Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries, a nutritional coach and health food duo from Devon are the founders of Mindful Chef, the UK’s favourite healthy recipe box service. Each week they deliver delicious ingredients and recipes to thousands of households, including sporting stars Victoria Pendleton and Andy Murray.

Here, in their first book, Myles and Giles share 70 delightful and easy-to-make dishes that are nutritionally proven to boost your health and wellness.

· Each meal can be made in 30 minutes and has a maximum of 10 ingredients.
· All recipes are gluten-free and contain no refined carbs or sugars.
· From breakfast through to dinner – with some guilt-free snacks in between.


  • A must-have! This is my favourite new cookbook. The recipes are delicious and so easy to make. Perfect for anyone trying to eat healthy.
    Pixie Lott

About the authors

Myles Hopper

Founded in 2015 in Devon by Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries, Mindful Chef is the UK’s favourite recipe box company. Myles, who is a personal trainer and nutritionist, and Giles work with a team of professional chefs to design and create delicious healthy recipes and deliver the ingredients to a thousand households nationwide each week.

The Mindful Chef will be their first book.
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Giles Humphries

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