The Krays: The Prison Years

The Krays: The Prison Years


In the 60s, Ronnie and Reggie Kray were Britain’s most notorious gangsters. With violence and intimidation they were the kings of London. They sipped champagne with celebrities and rubbed shoulders with politicians. They were untouchable.

Until they weren’t.

After an undercover operation, the Kray twins were found guilty of murder and were sentenced to life in prison. They were just 35 years old.

But once inside, the twins were determined to make their stay truly historic. The Twins began earning more money inside than they ever did on the streets. They sold branded t-shirts and memorabilia and they allowed books and films to be published about their lives. They didn't stop.

Whilst locked up, their mother died as did their brother Charlie, and their associates and friends all fell away. But while Britain changed as a nation, the brothers continued to operate as the gangsters they once were. Their violence ingrained so deep that they couldn’t leave it behind.

The Krays: The Prison Years explores the fascinating and largely untold story of the Kray twins following their imprisonment.


  • This explosive book has lifted the lid on the Kray twins’ time in prison
    The Sun

About the authors

David Meikle

David Meikle is a TV scriptwriter and Sunday Times bestselling author. He has written and co-written seven books, including the autobiographies of Charlie Richardson and Bobby Cummines.
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Kate Beal Blyth

Kate Beal Blyth is a successful documentary maker who has specialised in British 1960s gangsters such as the Krays and the Richardsons. Her most recent documentary explored the untold story of the Kray twins following their imprisonment. It aired in 2016.
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