The Man Who Brought Down the White House – Now a Major Motion Picture


NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE starring Liam Neeson.

It was the biggest mystery of American history. A shadowy source deep within Washington had leaked crucial information to two journalists, helping them uncover the historical Watergate Scandal of 1972. But who was this elusive source and what were his motivations? Thirty-three years later, the FBI’s Mark Felt would finally identify himself as Deep Throat, the Watergate Whistleblower. This is his story.

Mark Felt learnt spy craft tracking Nazi and Soviet spies, tackled mobsters in Kansas City and took down the FBI’s most wanted list, rising through the ranks under J Edgar Hoover to one of the FBI’s top positions.

A life spent watching pivotal moments of history unfold, Mark Felt was the eyes and ears of the intelligence service. Drawing on his memoirs, FBI memos, secret files and conversations with his family and friends, this is the account of a G-Man’s life and his struggle for honour in Washington.

This new edition is updated with the help of Mark’s lawyer, John O’Connor, drawing on new developments and why now, the role of Deep Throat, is even more important than ever.

About the authors

Mark Felt

The late Mark Felt died in December, 2008, after living the last days of his life in Santa Rosa, California, with his daughter Joan Felt and grandsons Will Felt, Rob Jones and Nick Jones. He retired in 1973 as the Associate Director of the FBI.

John O’Connor is a trial litigation attorney and attorney fee consultant practising in San Francisco. He is a former federal prosecutor, and in private practice represented the government in the financial institutions crisis. He earned his law degree from the University of Michigan, where he was Associate Editor of the Michigan Law Review, and his A.B., magna cum laude, from the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Marin County, California.
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John O'Connor

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