Grandad's Girl

Grandad's Girl


He told me he loved me.
He told me it was normal.
I wanted to believe him.

Emma’s grandad was kind and loving, so when she was 11 and he started abusing her, she didn't understand what was happening. He convinced her that what he did to her was normal, and that their relationship was special – but then manipulated her into having sex with another man. Over the next seven years, Emma’s grandad sold her to over two hundred men, and forced her to keep the shameful secret. This is her true story of survival.

About the author

Emma Louise

Emma Louise has dedicated her life to helping survivors of abuse and trauma. She has helped the police and Spring Lodge, a support and recovery service, in their campaigns to raise awareness of child sex abuse, and continues to do so. Emma is also now a trained counsellor and plans to go to university to do her psychology degree and become a psychologist.
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